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Hello again everyone,
A new in-game feature is up: You can now play standard map with - 1000 funds.
In that name, Croat decided to organise: 20v20 WORLD WAR!

The game will be hosted by me and it will start at 21:00h (gmt+1) .
For you who doesn't know how to calculate difference between timezones, just follow this countdown timer, the game starts in:

• Map: Standard World Map
• Players: 20 vs. 20
• Funds: 1000
• 3 minute turns
• Extra cities
• No rares

Trophy to all participants of winning team
• 200 000 SP splitted equally to all participants winning team
• 100 ProtoCoins for each participant of winning team
• 50 ProtoCoins for each participant of losing team

There will be two teams:

You can all sign up in comments of this thread (CLICK ON THE LINK) -----> https://hr.atwar-game.com/forum/topic.php?topic_id=46233

Let's see whose team will combine funds and tactics in best way. Let the war begin

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