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Hello Darlings,

As you know, few weeks ago, I became Head Supporter. Since then, Dave and I talked about some ideas for projects that Supporters should try to do, and we agreed on some major changes. We agreed that we need fresh blood in team. if you want to become part of Supporter team, please fill out the following form:


Special call for mapmakers and other members of scenario community to apply. One of our main goals is to try to motivate players to get into mapmaking, and to encourage mapmakers to start new projects.

Special note for current members of the Help Squad only:
It has been decided that helper role will be dissolved, my personal goal is to remove as much of bureaucracy as possible in part of staff that I regulate. I would kindly ask current helpers to apply via this form if they want to become Supporters.

21.06 - Please welcome PleaseMe as our new leader of the Game Meta Team!
16.06 - Content Update #7 - New Strategy and Balance Changes
02.06 - Congratulations Spring 2021 CW Season Participants
27.05 - Please welcome Pavle as our new Head Supporter
12.05 - Spring 2021 CW Season - Betting Odds Updated
04.05 - May the 4th Sale
21.04 - Clan War Tournament (ranks 5-9)
19.04 - 1st Master of Africa Tournament - signups open now
13.04 - Spring 2021 CW Season - Bets Now Open

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