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atWar: lojerat luftarake strategjike,luaj me shume Rrezikun ne linje

atWar features unique free troop movement, unrestricted by rigid movement paths of similar games such as Risk, A&A and Civ V. The game's warfare takes place on a massive scale with up to 40 players involved, dozens of different units, in-game politics and diplomacy options (war, peace, alliance), Coalitions (clans), Tournaments and much more to discover. Sign up to play now!

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Latest news

Congratulations to the Autumn 2023 CW Season Winners:

Interesting fact: We have repeated the top 4 standings from the Winter 2022 season.

All awards will be distributed soon.


Playoffs have been removed due to activity issues we have faced in the past.
Prize pool for this season, and the following seasons:

Prize pool:

1st place: 80,000 SP + 8,000
2nd place: 50,000 SP + 5,000
3rd place: 20,000 SP + 2,000
4th place: 10,000 SP + 1,000

Most games played: (20,000 SP + 2,000 ) * floor(Total games a clan played / 50)

Which means that Epic Clan, as the Most Active clan of the season with 77 games played, will receive:
Most games played: 20,000 SP + 2,000
We will update the Coalitions page to reflect the new changes soon.

Thanks again to all who participated! See you next season.

25.07 - A Midsummer Night's Update
24.12 - Merry Christmas! Santa is back, and so is our annual sale...
22.08 - Summer 2022 CW Season Playoffs
06.06 - Congratulations Spring 2022 CW Winners
15.05 - Spring 2022 CW Season Playoffs
26.03 - World Map 2.0 is here & Double SP Weekend
24.03 - Welcome the new mods Mobster and Lelouch.!
24.03 - A new World Map is arriving...
16.03 - Thank you for your support for Ukraine

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