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Map Competition

Attention all Cartographers!

June's map promotion will be done through a map competition. Here's how it will work:

How to participate:
Message Alois that you are participating.

The map can be in any genre and be any size; As long as it is done by June 9th.

You have till June 9th to complete EVERYTHING on your map. Best map wins (Staff will be judging these maps)

What areas of maps will be judged on:

● Balanced units
--> Units must not be OP, or just randomly put in there. There must be reasoning for these units.

● Balanced economies
--> This ties to the balance of the map as a whole, if one economy is better than every other, then it's considered a rigged map- Unless of course there is a purpose for it.

● Borders. No sloppy jobs!
--> Borders have a lot to do with a map, you wouldn't play a map that had just a bunch of scribbles for borders, would you?

● How well the map is made and planned out, including its systems.
--> A map that is well made is well planned. We understand it's only a month to do this, so this will not be a prime factor when judging.


First Place

● A Trophy (shown below)
● 1,000 Protocoins
● 10,000 SP
● A Map Review/Interview
● The map receives a promotion for 30 days.

Second Place

● 500 Protocoins.
● 5,000 SP
● A map review article in an upcoming news post.

Third Place

● 250 Protocoins
● 2,500 SP
● Interview on the map that will be posted in an upcoming news post.

Good luck and may the odds ever be in your favor!


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